Our focus is to create value for our customers...

with cost-effective, top quality products...

quick responses...

on-time delivery performance...

after-sales services.

20 years
manufacturing experience

Atlaslift Inc. was established in March 2018 at Bursa Kayapa Organized Industrial Zone. Despite being a new company, Atlaslift has a manufacturing experience of more than 20 years when shareholding structure and its group companies are taken into consideration. The co-founders have a vast knowledge of the industry with extensive expertise in hydraulic system engineering and machining in the automotive industry.

Expert staff
in their field

The co-founders and executives started the process by creating a team consisting of experts in their field. The main purpose of the company is to produce high-quality hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of industries.

Trained and qualified

Based on the principle that the essential condition of product and service quality is met by trained staff, Atlaslift built a team of trained and highly qualified professionals working in the entire production process from raw material procurement to delivery. The company serves iron and steel, cement, offshore industries and many others that require custom engineered hydraulic cylinders and offers services to domestic and international markets across Europe and North America.


Our focus is to create value for our customers with cost-effective, top quality products, quick responses, on-time delivery performance and after-sales services.


Safe working

Atlaslift sets as its goal to ensure a peaceful, healthy and safe work environment for all its staff. We believe that such an environment will improve the quality of the products and processes.

International quality standards

Our company is committed to complying with the current international quality standards in the entire process of designed and manufactured products.

Testing and

Each manufactured cylinder is tested for pressure and leakage and a certificate is issued in accordance with the article 2.2 of EN 10204 standard.

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